August 23

Republicans plans for the Flag


As National Flag Day approaches why do the republican movement try to hide the fact that if we were to become a politician’s republic, the flag would have to go?

Before the referendum they were quite open about this, as the illustration below about  an ARM supported exhibition shows. Most of the flags were of the beach towel variety, but one was outstanding. It had this charming invitation emblazoned across it: "F*** OFF BACK TO FAGLAND"

The ARM is embarassed to be reminded of this. But even their supporters in the media, for example The Age, agree the Flag could not survive Australia becoming a politicans' republic.

…new call for flag change…

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph on 19 August 2010, Greg Grant of Hurlstone Park in New South Wales gives the republican movement's game away, just as The Age has.

He criticises Tony Abbott for not wanting Australia to become a politicians’ republic. Tony Abbott says we are already a republic, a crowned republic.

Indicating the republican movement’s misunderstanding of the constitutional position he says we are the world’s 13th largest economy, “and we still don’t trust ourselves to run our country. “

Apparently Mr. Grant is unaware that on 21 August the people will be deciding precisely that.

Mr Grant ends his letter with this telling question:

“When will Australians have the courage to forge our own way forward under a flag we can all be proud of?”

The men in the illustration below were proud to serve under our Flag in the First World War, even if this republican in Sydney's inner Western suburbs is not.



Keep Our Flag

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