October 4


Constitutional monarchies make up only 15% of the countries of the world. But on almost every index and survey they perform proportionately better than republics.

This is particularly relevant when the quality of governance is concerned. Now a survey relating to the reputation of countries has been released and once again constitutional monarchies are outstanding.

This survey has been undertaken by the Reputation Institute, which was founded in 1997.

Based on the degree to which people “Trust, Admire, Respect, and have a Good Feeling” for a country, the model depends on three dimensions which “drive country reputation and stakeholder support”.

These are “Advanced Economy, Appealing Environment and Effective Government”. Organized within the three dimensions are 16 attributes which act as key performance indicators to assess the relative appeal of a country to the public.All of the top three nations are constitutional monarchies.

Proportionately, there should not have been one. The top country is Canada. (Constitutiona monarchists often have to explain to republicans, including some Australian politicians, that Canada is not a republic)

Then follow Sweden and Australia.

The next two countries are Switzerland ( a very well governed republic) and New Zealand. So out of the top five, four are monarchies. Again, proportionately, there should not have been one.

Then follow Norway, Denmark, Finland, Scotland and Austria. So of the top 10, seven are constitutional monarchies. Proportionately, there should only be one or two.

This survey is only one of many in which monarchies are over represented at the top.


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