February 3

Return the Governor to Government House Sydney


  When the Governor of New South Wales, the holder of the oldest office in the nation, was suddenly evicted from Government House by Bob Carr in 1996, ACM called one of the largest and most peaceful protests Sydney had seen for many years.  The supposed “benefits” – cost savings and increased public access –have never materialised.  The eviction has proved a costly and gross affront – and a serious inconvenience – to our Governors.  In fact, the eviction was so unpopular and so damaging, that no other state in the Commonwealth has followed Bob Carr’s appalling decision.

His admission after his retirement that he evicted the Governor because of the reserve powers confirmed our worst fears.

Accordingly, ACM is now launching a campaign to return the Governor to Government House.  A campaign brochure will be distributed across New South Wales and candidates in the coming election will be challenged as to where they stand on this issue, an issue which remains an insult to country and regional NSW – nobody without a home in Sydney can be appointed – and worse,  an assault on our constitutional system.  

The campaign will be launched in SYDNEY, on FRIDAY 9 FEBRUARY, 2007 230PM at the Meeting Rooms, 13th Floor, 189 Kent Street Sydney (Train access: Kent Street exit Wynyard, go north crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing at the Margaret Street intersection.  The building is half way along the block on the opposite side.  There are number of parking stations in the vicinity, indicated in the streets by the “P” traffic signs which have a blue background.  Unfortunately, all are outrageously expensive.)

 A panel of leading speakers will comment and answer questions, and afternoon tea will be provided, cost $15.  For reservations and information phone 02 92512500  or email [email protected]


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