May 5

Royal Canadian Navy

Restoration of the proud title "Royal Canadian Navy" has for years been the hope of many Canadians, especially those brave men and women who serve in the Maritime element of the Canadian Forces, and the Naval veterans whose valour is well known to us all.
Until now, however, there has not been the political will – or a body of opinion deemed significant enough by Ottawa's decision-makers – to make the restoration of this nomenclature a real possibility.

However, the League has good reason to believe that the climate has changed. Given both the positive attitude towards the Crown frequently manifested by the Harper Government and the forthcoming presence of The Queen in Nova Scotia during her Canadian Homecoming in the summer, there is a distinct possibility that the "Royal Canadian Navy" could again become a reality.

The immediate action of members of the League will help show the government that a grass-roots sentiment in favour of this revival exists.  No matter how loyal, politicians like to see a concrete manifestation of public opinion when they consider any change to existing policy, which in this case would involve making a recommendation to The Sovereign.
May I ask Canadians to  email the Prime Minister to urge him to restore the Royal Canadian Navy as the official title of the sea element of our Forces.
[ This message requesting acion by Canadians was issued on 4 May, 2010  by Robert Finch, Dominion Chairman of The Monarchist League of Canada, La ligue monarchiste du Canada. It has been amended slightly by ACM to indicate that the request for action is of course directed to Canadians. It is published here to show how  monarchist organisations in other realms are fighting to overcome what we in Australia would describe as creeping republicanism: DF ]



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