January 1

Royal Christmas Messages

In addition to the many millions around the world who watched the broadcast, around a quarter of a million people have watched The Queen's 2008 Christmas Message on the internet. This is posted below.

Many people have told me how impressive Her Majesty's 2008 Message was. (The preview which contains the full message was posted here on Christmas Day, this version shows the introductory scenes.)

You may hear the 1935 Christmas Message by The Queen's grandfather, His Majesty King George V who introduced the practice in 1932. Follow this link. You may also watch The Queen and the Royal Family, including Princes William and Harry at Sandringham on Christmas Day by following this link.

We have also posted below  The Queen's first Christmas Message in 1953.



[ Note: If you do not have fast broadband you may find that the video stutters. One way to overcome this is to allow it to run through, and then replay it.

If you wish to watch it on the full screen of your computer, double click on the image. A new screen should pop up. You should then click on the full screen icon. This is  the second last icon on the right at the foot of the screen.

To leave the full screen, press the "Escape" button on your computer keyboard. ] 


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