May 4

Russell Crowe a monarchist

The noted New Zealand and Australian actor, Russell Crowe, is in Europe to attend the premiere ahead of Robin Hood's premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 12. He has informed a London  newspaper that he does not support Australia or New Zealand becoming  a republic.


"I am an English speaking man," he told The Sun."You can call me a Kiwi or you can call me an Aussie but my family history on both sides is British and it goes back a long way."When you are talking about Queen Elizabeth, I don't think there is a more gracious world leader."

"I've met both (Princes) Charles and Andrew and they were both intelligent and kind men." 

When Russell Crowe was awarded the Oscar in 2001 he wore the MBE insignia which had been awarded to his grandfather, declaring as he held the Oscar, “ God Save The Queen”.

His great-great grandmother was of Maori descent whilst his paternal grandfather was born in Wales. He also traces his family line to Scotland, England, Ireland and Norway.


….Sir Russell?…

When Sir Peter Jackson was knighted recently in Wellington, we suggested that he too be recommended for the award of a knighthood in the New Zealand Order of Merit.



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