May 10

Show us your model – serious press turns its back on republican elites.

The Australian has learned a lesson from the years up to 1999. At that time – under a different editor – it led the media campaign for a republic, extending that to the news pages.

It even distributed free Vote Yes bumper stickers.

In recent years, without denouncing its republicanism, it has been calmer and less interested. The leadership of the republican media has been passed on to The Age followed by  The Sydney Morning Herald.

The headline on The Australian's editorial following the Royal Wedding “Only the populace, not the elite, can foster a republic,” (2/5) means that the newspaper has completely turned its back on the newspaper's at times almost hysterical campaign in the nineties. 


…republican elites vastly out of step…

“Most of Australia's commentariat regard the advent of a republic as a no-brainer, “ the still republican editor observed.

“Once again, however, their preoccupations have been shown to be vastly out of step with millions of Australians, including many young people, the editor declared. .The stoicism of the Queen following her "annus horribilis" has shown that it is so much more than what the elite said it was, a soap opera or a celebrity cult.

…better model needed…

The newspaper denounced the policy of the republican movement not to reveal the details of the politicians' republic they are proposing.

“After voting down the 1999 republican referendum in all states, people will need more convincing, and a much better model, before they revisit the issue," the editor explained.

…only a brave person would predict republic…

 “Given the resistance of the monarchy to fall in with predictions of its demise, only a brave person would predict when Australia might become a republic, which this newspaper believes is our destiny.”

 To repeat the message, only the populace, not the elite, can foster a republic.


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