January 13

Special Report from the Caribbean : Crown and Commonwealth


Through the generosity of a leading Caribbean publication, ACM is able to bring to our readers this truly magnificent production celebrating the Commonwealth and the Realms.

This is the work of a talented young Jamaican, Peter Williams. (To see the article, click here or on the image below)

Peter Williams was born in the Caribbean island of Jamaica with a career spanning banking, diplomacy and philanthropy.

His contributed articles to JAMAQUE  – a leading Caribbean lifestyle magazine, showcases the beauty of the Caribbean and highlights the positive impact its people are making in transforming cultural and lifestyle trends in some of the most fashionable cities across the globe.


When asked about his work to prepare the article 'Celebrating the Commonwealth and the Realms', Peter said:


The response to this article showed me just how much love the citizenry of the Commonwealth hold for Queen Elizabeth II.

From Governor Generals who represent her in the 15 Realms, to men and women in the most humble positions in society.

There was so much interest in the article that it was the most read and commented on piece in JAMAQUE's Winter 2010 edition.

There is truly something very special about Her Majesty, and the Realms will have the honour in 2012 to celebrate Her Majesty's 60th year on the Throne as our shared Monarch.

Coincidentally 2012 will also be the 50th anniversary of Jamaica's independence – so that year we here in Jamaica will have two good reasons to celebrate with much fanfare, and I am very much looking forward to the events, receptions and festivals that will be put on."

[From the Caribbean to the Pacific: Peter Williams filming in New Caledonia]


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