November 9

“State of the Nation” paper released


Just one month ago, on 9 October, before The Queen’s visit, Roy Morgan Research presented Australians’ views on our constitutional monarchy to the 12th National Conference of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

This was frequently reported in the media during the Royal Visit, confirming  that support for an undefined vague republic has been trending down and is now less than 40%.  This would mean that in a repeat of the 1999 referendum, the Yes vote would, as a percentage, fall to the low thirties or even twenties.

One matter not mentioned in most reporting was something ACM has long observed. This is that support among the nation’s youth for a vague undefined republic is even lower. And republicans say a (politicians’) republic is inevitable.

Minister Nicola Roxon once said “no new monarchists are being born”, and former Senator Susan Ryan suggested that the republican movement need only wait until the older generation of monarchists “fell off the perch”.

All who attended the presentation on the "State of the Nation"  by Roy Morgan Reseach at Parliament House Sydney yesterday morning seem to agree that it was superb. 
It will be televised in full on Foxtel and we hope to have extracts on our channel.  Once the broadcast is scheduled, we shall advise you.

A copy of the paper can be downloaded here:


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