November 6

Still flagging the ARM republic


The Republican Movement has long preferred setting up stunts to attract media attention.

Just remember the disastrous Mate for a Head of State campaign designed by Peter FitzSimons.

It seems that they are now bereft of ideas even about stunts. They have actually lifted a campaign created earlier this year by the New Zealand Monarchist League about hugging your opponents.

These stunts are designed to hide the fact they are still refusing to tell the Australian people what they are planning to impose on the nation. 

As  Channel 7's David Koch  told them when they launched the Mate for a Head of State campaign, no one will take them seriously until they release  details of thier proposed republic.  


As we have said here, it is as if republicans are marching down the street chanting:

We want a republic…..

……………………….. but we haven't the foggiest idea what sort of republic we want.

…alright for beach towels…

Although we do not know what form of republic they are proposing, we have a good idea about the Republican Movement's preferences concerning the flag with which they plan to replace our Australian Flag.

Even then they do not have a favoured flag – the point is to shred the existing flag.

Here are some more flags they have suggested.  As one person said when she saw the brochure:

Most are alright for beach towels – except one..

They come from the exhibition the Republican Movement  supported , " Flagging the Republic" which was held in Sydney and Armidale before the referendum.

There had been ann eearlier one in Canberra to coincide with the Constiutional Convnetion. I do not know what flags were shown. Of course, I declined Mrs Holmes à Court's invitation to the launch.

It would be like attending a bonfire onto which is thrown the Constitution  and the Oath of Allegiance.  Not my scene Mrs Holmes  à Court.

We shall publish some more flags soon, including one which seems to make ARM chairmen go white whenever  they see it.




Keep Our Flag

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