May 25

Taxpayer funded plan to shred Australian flag.


With the republican campaign being relaunched by shadow minister Malcolm Turnbull, the republicans are engaging in a pincer campaign against both the constitution and the Australian flag – with taxpayers' money.  Australian patriots really have to be of their guard: see the section on our site Keep Our Flag!

(Since the landslide loss in 1999, some Republican tacticians have tried to distance themselves from the new Flag campaign saying they are separate issues.  Don’t give them an inch. This is merely a two-stage approach – change the Constitution first then change the flag.)

…taxpayers funds to design new flag…

The literary magazine Meanjin would not survive without taxpayers funds generously passed on by the Victorian government, the Federal government, and the University of Melbourne as well as from the Copyright Agency, to say nothing of indirect taxpayer funds through subscriptions from government funded bodies.

Meanjin has used its mainly taxpayer provided funds  to commission nine artists and designers to create an image for what it meant to be Australian. Creators were given an open brief to “respond to the question of a new flag”, either suggesting a replacement, something more personal or a design that functioned as a symbol.

…republican flagbearers join in … 


This is a subject of a report by Linda Morris in the Fairfax newspaper, The Sydney Morning Herald 25 – 26 May 2013 with nine photographs.

Now in case you haven’t noticed, those once great journals of record – The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age – have become the flag bearers for some sort of politicians’ republic, as well as for the shredding of our beloved Australian flag.

Fortunately ACM and of course the Australian National Flag Association are among those in the vanguard defending the Australian Flag. 

With not a cent of government funds.


Keep Our Flag

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