May 9

Technology & celebrity: Charles brilliant campaign to save rain forests

Prince Charles is leading a powerful world wide campaign to save the rainforests of the world, probably the most effective campaign to date.  Although people will have different views on the extent of the contribution of man to climate change, the great majority are likely to  support this campaign. 

The Prince is reaching a world wide audience in a way which demonstrates his enthusiasm and his rare ability to get things done. Many well known people are involved, including the actor Daniel Craig and the Prince's sons.

And Australia's more foolish republicans actually believe that when this respected world leader succeeds to the throne, the Australian people will rush to endorse whatever politicians' republlc they finally reveal as the one they are trying  to foist on an uninterested nation.



Prince Charles is the first senior member of the Royal Family to use a social networking website, MySpace, for his official duties. 

The Prince recently  broadcast a plea to end the destruction of the rainforests. This was followed by a 90-second public awareness film about deforestation which received its online premiere on MySpace.

 Previously, at the G20 Summit, he had lined up some of the  world's leading politicans to support the venture.

The broadcasts are embedded below, followed by a 2008 address on the importance of preserving rain forests.

Combining modern technology and bringing together world celebrities, a world wide audience is assured.   As  Jane Murphy writes on Orange Celebrity Blog,  "It's not what you know – it's who you know."

"Diehard environmentalist Prince Charles has rallied the help of sons William and Harry, the Dalai Lama, an impressive array of A-list celebrities and a digitally created frog to urge us all to save the rainforests."

"Want to know who else is involved before you commit 90 seconds of your life to watching the campaign video? Well, there's Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Robin Williams, Pelé, Joss Stone and everyone's favourite showbiz amphibian, Kermit the Frog. What a line-up!"












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