August 21

The Defender : Plebiscites,Prince Harry, the disappearing youth vote and other reports

The latest issue of The Australian Constitutional Defender is now being sent out to ACM supporters across the nation.

The eighty page issue leads with the first of two special reports on plebiscites to which all constitutional monarchists are opposed and which will be discussed at the tenth Annual National Conference in Perth from 19 to 21 September, 2008.

The only reason the republicans want this is that they are afraid they would lose another referendum.

So without revealing what they are planning, they want the people to vote in a glorifed opinion poll the question for which will be designed by their spin doctors.

It’s bad enough that many more millions of dollars  of taxpayers’ money ( not the government’s money) are to be diverted from schools, hospitals and water into this unwanted folly.

What is grossly irresponsible is that this will invite a vote of no confidence in one of the world’s most successful constitutions, in the knowledge that the people are unlikely to agree to the details when these secrets are finally released by the government.

In the meantime, we can expect a long period of constitutional instability.

And you can be sure of one thing. This time they will keep their plans about the flag secret.

…the gerrymandered Summit…

We also report on the gerrymander which was the 2020 Summit. We shall conclude this in the next issue.

The way the Summit was run suggests that in any vote on a republic, opponents will  be denied the “fair go”  Australians would expect.

But the republicans should not be too confident; support for a republic – any republic – is at its lowest for years.

Worse, support among the young is in free fall, as we report on in this issue.

Rather than in some republic, the young are more likely to be inspired by the Australian Crown’s sense of duty and service, as our report on Prince Harry in this issue clearly demonstrates.

We also report on the opening of the memorial park at Beersheba by the Governor-General, Major  General Jeffery.

This eighth issue of the Defender is the first in which our new Associate Editor,  Jai Martinkovits, has been involved. Jai has been involved in the implementation of our new supporter database, and is  an expert in network design and management, and  web development services.


ACM is planning to publish two more issues of The Defender this year and at least one issue of our popular newsletter.

If you do not receive your issue of the Defender in the next few days, please contact the national office.




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