January 25

The IRA and an Australian republic

Most visitors to Australia decline to become involved in our internal affairs. Not so the Sinn Fein politician, Gerry Adams, who advised Australians to vote yes in the referendum. Mr Adams has always denied any involvement in the IRA, but his colleague, Mr Martin McGuiness has since admitted his role in the terrorist organization.

 Some years ago two young Australians were murdered by the IRA in the Netherlands. They were mistaken for British soldiers. The IRA apologised but would not hand over the murderers. Our then Prime Minister, Mr Hawke contemptuously rejected the apology. A recent story has another Australian connection. This was the robbery of an Australian owned bank in Northern Ireland. The amount taken was enormous. The police concluded it was an IRA activity; so did the Prime Minister of the Irish Republic.

We are waiting on  Australian eupublicans to distance themselves from IRA support.




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Integrity be damned

Integrity be damned
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