August 4

The IRA and Australia

I can remember being in London when the city was defending itself, as best you can without completely disrupting life, against IRA terrorism.

Apart from the massive bank robbery, and the attempt to silence the McCartney sisters’ wish to denounce their brother’s IRA murderers, and their other criminal activities in Northern Ireland, by their standards, the IRA has been relatively quiet for some time.

Almost law abiding!

So it was not surprising that the IRA announcement that it is renouncing violence has been received with reservations.

The “separation” between the terrorists and their political wing has been exposed as a pure fiction, and the IRA’s international supporters, including the Libyan dictator Gaddafi are now trying to put on a respectable face. Those Americans who used to fund it, and the American politicians who liked to be seen with Gerry Adams, have come to the not unsurprising conclusion that after 9/11, fraternising with terrorists is not , as they say, a "good look".

The IRA leader, Gerry Adams is a person of interest for those who would defend our constitutional system.

Adams chose to intervene vociferously in our referendum, telling Australians to vote Yes.

While he was the most prominent and possibly the most unwelcome supporter of their campaign, I am no aware of any ARM denunciation of his support.

If I am wrong on this, I am happy to correct this.

And while Adams’ IRA did apologise for murdering two young Australians whom they thought were British soldiers holidaying in Ireland, the IRA never handed over their murderers to Dutch or Australian justice.

The then Prime Minister Bob Hawke rejected their apology with disgust.

Nor have they handed back the enormous amount they recently stole from an Australian owned bank in Ireland.

Perhaps when some real contrition is shown, people will believe the IRA leader.

This could involve handing over the murderers of those Australians, and giving the loot back.

Until next time,

David Flint


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