August 3

Why She Is Loved

In a letter published in The Spectator of 23 July, Frederick Forsyth explains why The Queen is so loved by her people.

I am indebted to Chistopher Dawson for drawing this to my attention:


Amid the maelstrom of images pouring out of London these past 14 days were two in stark contrast, yet which attracted no mdeia comment.

As the Prime Minister was at the Dispatch Box, it was overlooked that the face of modern Britain still had to scuttle the 300 yards from his home to the Commons in a guarded limousine after the whole area had been cleared of other traffic.

Security, dontcha know.

On 10 July, a lady of 79, with her 84-year-old consort at her side,stood bolt upright in an open Range Rover as it cruised very slowly past ranks of veterans to honour the war dead.

Not a splinter of reinforced glass in sight.

Tradition, dontcha know.

Last month there were media squeals at the revelation that it costs each 41 pence per annum to keep the monarchy on the road.

Which part of ‘Damn good value’ does what passes for Fleet Street nowadays not understand?

Frederick Forsyth

I have made one change to the letter.

The printed version said the annual cost is forty one pounds. I think the correct figure is 61 pence, if you ignore the fact that the British government actually makes a profit out of The Queen.

And of course Her Majesty costs Australia nothing, not a brass razoo- unlike the hordes of perjuring republican politicians who inhabit our parliaments and our councils across the country.

When I pointed out the bravery of The Queen and the Duke at a reception recently, one person said: "Oh, the terrorists wouldn’t be interested in them!"

I bit my lip, and did not suggest that with such knowledge of the targets terrorists would choose, that person should work for ASIO, and I said :

"Of course they would. Remember Lord Mountbatten,and John Paul II, and all those people who are not celebrities whom terrorists kill.

Even Queen Victoria was subject to several asassination attempts. It didn’t stop her, though.

It was extremely courageous for The Queen to drive in an open land rover so soon after the terrorist outrages in London.

But it was to be expected .

She is, after all, the daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, subsequently The Queen Mother, who stayed during the Blitz, and who were clearly targets of those other terrorists, the Nazis"


Until next time,

David Flint


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