August 27

The Princes and the media


The PrincesSo two young men went out to dance and be with friends. What is newsworthy about that, even if they are princes? So why were the media in such frenzy? And did you notice the carefully chosen photographs to fit the allegedly “worse for wear” story? What a beat-up. At least this time, they did not pretend three year old photographs had been taken last night.

On one evening two or so years ago, photographers and journalists blocked my car from leaving a car park. I was concerned that while they were photographing me, the timed boom gate would crash down on their heads. As a result they got the “worried chairman “photograph to complement their story. I wasn’t worried about that particular storm in a teacup, just about their skulls. During the Constitutional Convention the journalists waited until the PM was sitting alone on the front bench in Old Parliament House. This was used to illustrate the story that he was completely isolated on the issue of Australia becoming a republic. This is nether neither honest nor objective. No wonder so many people have stopped reading newspapers.


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Integrity be damned

Integrity be damned
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