May 12

The Queen calls on David Cameron to form a new British government

 In a gracious and moving speech on 11 May 2010, the British Prime Minister announced he intended to tender his resignation to The Queen, and if accepted, to advise Her Majesty to call on the conservative leader David Cameron to form a government.

Mr. Brown was no doubt aware that discussions between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats had reached a point where it was likely that a government led by Mr. Cameron would enjoy the confidence of a majority in the House of Commons.

Mr. Brown and his family then left No. 10 Downing Street for Buckingham Palace. The following Sky TV video records his speech



The Crown ensures a smooth and safe change of government

 With the resignation of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the appointment by The Queen of David Cameron, Sky TV's Alastair Bruce explains in the following video how the constitution works and the central role that the Crown plays in the Westminster system.

This is an excellent explanation of probably the world's most successful constitutional model. 




 The Westminster system, with The Queen at its centre, allows a smooth, safe and peaceful change of government within little more than an hour, something which takes months in the United States.

After Her Majesty accepted the resignation of Mr. Brown and his advice to call Mr. Cameron to form a government, Mr. Cameron is shown here by Sky News proceeding to the audience at which he will kiss hands, that is accept the appointment.

This refers to the practice of kissing hand sto demonstrate the minister's fealty and loyalty to The Crown. Under this system, The Queen provides the necessary stability and security for the proper working of the Westminster system.



 Completing the smooth and safe transition of government that the Westminster system ensures, David Cameron arrives at Downing Street within little more than an hour of the departure of the former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. In the following Sky video, he announces that he has accepted the invitation of Her Majesty to form a government.

This transition takes several months in the United States.

This usually happens on the evening of the election or the following morning. Unusually no party emerged with a majority from the 2010 election , so until one emerged Mr. Brown continued in office.

The Queen is central to the system, ensuring that the politicians cannot act without her approval. And that is only given if what is proposed is within the constitution. 





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