August 7

Titles: even more support


Support for the restoration of titles in New Zealand is greater than we reported here on 3 August. We had concluded that support for the restoration of knighthoods among principal or distinguished companions of the New Zealand Order of Merit was almost eighty five per cent. The official list reveals that eighty seven and a half per cent  of these distinguished New Zealanders  decided to accept the title “ Sir “ or “Dame”, or to have an existing title up graded.

Only 12.5% declined and not all of these did so because of any objection to the restoration of titles. The actor Sam Neill explained that a title was not appropriate at this stage of his life.

He said:  ‘‘All modesty aside, I find the idea of a title for myself just too grand at this time of my life, (“Actor rejects title” Matt Theunissen, Sun Herald, 2 August,2009)

Among the new knights is Sir Ralph Norris, Managing Director of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.  A spokesman for Sir Ralph told Michael Evans of The Sydney Morning Herald on 3 August that:

"Accepting the honorific title of sir was a personal choice Ralph gave a lot of thought to. He ultimately decided to accept the title after encouragement to do so from his family and friends.  He will not be using the honorific title of sir, and will prefer to simply be called Ralph."

Mr. Evans reports that the bank has a “proud history” of being run by knights of the realm. He says Sir Ralph is the sixth to run “Her Majesty’s Commonwealth Bank and the first since Sir Ronald Elliott’s reign ended in 1981.” The Herald says Sir Ralph is chairman – a minor error , he is actually managing director.

…business people, judges, sports men and women, artists, scientists included…. 

Nevil Gibson, writing in  The National Business Review (1/8), reports that among those upgrading their title is Sir Patrick Goodman and that  some of the country’s best known business people, such as Sir Eion Edgar, Sir George Fistonich, Sir John Goulter, Sir Peter Maire, Sir Ralph Norris, Sir Noel Robinson, Sir Kenneth Stevens, Sir Stephen Tindall, Sir Henry van der Heyden and Sir John Wells, have accepted titles .

The following judges have accepted Sir Noel Anderson, Sir Peter Blanchard, Sir David Carruthers, Sir Edward Jurie, Sir Thomas Gault, Sir John Hansen, Sir John Henry, Sir Patrick Mahony, Sir John McGrath, Sir Edmund Thomas, Sir Andre Tipping, Sir Peter Trapski and Sir William Young.

Among the lawyers are Sir David Gascoigne, Dame Deirdre Milne and Dame Alison Quentin-Baxter as well as former privacy commissioner Sir Bruce Slane.

Mr. Gibson says that a number of former politicians are honoured – Sir Douglas Kidd, Dame Margaret Shields and Dame Jenny Shipley and Dame Sukhi Turner – as are Maori leaders Sir Harawira Gardiner and Sir Ralph Love.

The list includes the following distinguished academics and scientists – Sir Donald Beaven, Dame Judith Binney, Sir Paul Callaghan, Dame Margaret Clark, Sir David Frampton, Sir Peter Gluckman, Sir Sidney Mead and Dame Claudia Orange.

Sporting and artistic identities include Dame Christine Cole Catley, Sir Russell Coutts, Dame Lynley Hood, Sir Colin Meads, Dame Lois Muir, Sir Peter Siddell and Sir Peter Snell.

The fact is that a knighthood is internationally recognized in a way which the highest ranks of the Order of Merit or indeed the Order of Australia are not.This is a precedent which the Australian should follow. Those who do not wish to convert their awards can of course always refuse.

The Prime Minister of Australia and the Leader of the Opposition should give consideration to following this.   The official list may be seen on the internet, and is published below.  

Special List – 1 August 2009

The New Zealand Order of Merit

The Queen has been pleased to make the following redesignation in the New Zealand Order of Merit:

The under mentioned Principal Companion to be redesignated a Knight Grand Companion of the said Order:


His Excellency The Honourable Anand Satyanand, Q.S.O., Governor-General of New Zealand.  [4 June 2006]

Dated at Wellington this 27th day of March 2009.

REBECCA KITTERIDGE, Secretary and Registrar, The New Zealand Order of Merit.

The New Zealand Order of Merit

The Queen has been pleased to make the following redesignation in the New Zealand Order of Merit:

The under mentioned Distinguished Companion to be redesignated a Dame Companion of the said Order:


Miss (Isoleen) Heather Begg, O.B.E, of Sydney, Australia.  [5 June 2000]

Dated at Wellington this 17th day of April 2009.

REBECCA KITTERIDGE, Secretary and Registrar, The New Zealand Order of Merit.

The New Zealand Order of Merit

The Queen has been pleased to make the following redesignations in the New Zealand Order of Merit:

The under mentioned Principal Companion to be redesignated a Dame Grand Companion of the said Order.


Dame Malvina Lorraine MAJOR, D.B.E. of Christchurch.  [31 December 2007]

The under mentioned Principal Companions to be redesignated Knights Grand Companion of the said Order:


Professor Paul Terence Callaghan, of Wellington.  [31 December 2005]

Emeritus Professor Lloyd George Geering, O.N.Z., C.B.E. of Wellington.  [30 December 2000]

Sir Patrick Ledger Goodman, C.B.E. of Motueka.  [3 June 2002]

Professor Ralph Heberley Ngatata Love, Q.S.O., J.P. of Porirua.  [31 December 2008]

The under mentioned Distinguished Companions to be redesignated Dames Companion of the said Order:


Emeritus Professor Judith Mary Caroline BINNEY, of Auckland.  [31 December 2005]

Dr (Vera) Doreen BLUMHARDT, O.N.Z., C.B.E., of Wellington.  [31 December 2002]

Professor Margaret CLARK, C.M.G., J.P., of Wellington.  [30 December 2006]

Mrs Christine McKelvie COLE CATLEY, Q.S.M., of North Shore.  [5 June 2006]

Mrs Lynley Stuart DODD, of Tauranga.  [31 December 2001]

Dr Mary Josephine (Joy) DRAYTON, M.B.E., of Tauranga.  [31 December 2004]

Mrs Jocelyn Barbara FISH, C.B.E., J.P., of Hamilton.  [30 December 2000]

Mrs Patricia Mary HARRISON, Q.S.O., of Dunedin.  [4 June 2001]

Mrs Grace Shellie HOLLANDER, C.B.E., J.P., of Christchurch.  [5 June 2000]

Professor Linda Jane HOLLOWAY, of Dunedin.  [6 June 2005]

Mrs Margaret Mary MILLARD, J.P., of Palmerston North.  [30 December 2001]

Mrs Deirdre Glenna MILNE, Q.S.O., of Auckland.  [31 December 2003]

Mrs Lois Joan MUIR, O.B.E., of Dunedin.  [7 June 2004]

Dr Claudia Josepha ORANGE, O.B.E., of Wellington.  [31 December 2008]

Mrs Alison Burns QUENTIN-BAXTER, Q.S.O., of Wellington.  [4 June 2007]

Mrs Alison Mary ROXBURGH, C.B.E., Q.S.O., J.P., of Nelson.  [2 June 2003]

The Honourable Margaret Kerslake SHIELDS, Q.S.O., J.P., of Pukerua Bay.  [31 December 2007]

The Right Honourable Jennifer Mary SHIPLEY, of Auckland.  [31 December 2002]

Dr Margaret June SPARROW, M.B.E., of Wellington.  [3 June 2002]

Mrs Sukhinder Kaur TURNER, of Wanaka.  [3 June 2002]

Mrs Robin Adair WHITE, of Masterton.  [2 June 2003]

Ms Gillian Karawe WHITEHEAD, of Alexandra.  [2 June 2008]

The under mentioned Distinguished Companions to be redesignated Knights Companion of the said Order:


The Honourable Noel Crossley ANDERSON, Q.C., of Waitakere.  [7 June 2004]

Professor Donald Ward BEAVEN, C.B.E., of Christchurch.  [31 December 2004]

The Right Honourable Peter BLANCHARD, of Wellington.  [31 December 2004]

Judge David James CARRUTHERS, of Paraparamu.  [6 June 2005]

Mr Russell COUTTS, C.B.E., of Valencia, Spain.  [5 June 2000]

The Honourable Edward Taihakurei Junior DURIE, of Lower Hutt.  [31 December 2007]

Mr Eion Sinclair EDGAR, of Queenstown.  [2 June 2003]

Air Marshal Bruce Reid FERGUSON, O.B.E., A.F.C., R.N.Z.A.F. (Retired), of Wellington.  [5 June 2006]

Mr George Vjeceslav FISTONICH, of Auckland.  [6 June 2005]

Dr Alan Russell FRAMPTON, of Auckland.  [31 December 2004]

Mr Harawira Tiri GARDINER, of Wellington.  [2 June 2008]

Mr David Rendel Kingston GASCOIGNE, C.B.E., of Wellington.  [31 December 2005]

The Right Honourable Thomas Munro GAULT, of Auckland.  [30 December 2000]

Professor Peter David GLUCKMAN, of Auckland.  [31 December 2007]

Mr John Packard GOULTER, J.P., of Paihia.  [31 December 2003]

The Honourable John William HANSEN, of Rangiora.  [2 June 2008]

The Right Honourable John Steele HENRY, Q.C., of Auckland.  [4 June 2001]

Professor Vaughan Frederick Randal JONES, of Piedmont, California, United States of America.  [3 June 2002]

The Honourable Douglas Lorimer KIDD, of Wellington.  [5 June 2000]

Mr Patrick Desmond MAHONY, of Wellington.  [31 December 2003]

Mr Peter Charles MAIRE, of North Shore.  [2 June 2008]

Professor Alan Francis MARK, C.B.E., of Dunedin.  [30 December 2000]

Emeritus Professor Arthur Harold MARSHALL, of Auckland.  [2 June 2008]

Dr David Charles MAUGER, of Auckland.  [3 June 2002]

The Honourable John Joseph McGRATH, of Wellington.  [30 December 2006]

Dr Sidney Moko MEAD, of Wellington.  [5 June 2006]

Mr Colin Earl MEADS, M.B.E., of Te Kuiti.  [30 December 2000]

Mr Ralph James NORRIS, of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  [31 December 2005]

Mr Noel Stuart ROBINSON, of Auckland.  [5 June 2006]

Mr Peter Graham SIDDELL, Q.S.O., of Auckland.  [31 December 2007]

Professor David Christopher Graham SKEGG, O.B.E., of Dunedin.  [31 December 2008]

Mr Bruce Houlton SLANE, C.B.E., of Auckland.  [31 December 2002]

Dr Peter George SNELL, O.B.E., of Dallas, Texas, United States of America.  [31 December 2001]

Mr Kenneth Allen STEVENS, of Auckland.  [31 December 2007]

Mr Archie John Te Atawhai TAIAROA, of Taumarunui.  [2 June 2003]

Mr Tumu (George Michael) TE HEUHEU, of Taupo.  [31 December 2004]

The Right Honourable Edmund Walter THOMAS, Q.C., of Auckland.  [31 December 2001]

Mr Stephen Robert TINDALL, of North Shore.  [4 June 2007]

The Right Honourable Andrew Patrick Charles TIPPING, of Wellington.  [31 December 2005]

Mr Peter John TRAPSKI, C.B.E., of Tauranga.  [31 December 2002]

Mr Henry William van der HAYDEN, of Putaruru.  [4 June 2007]

Mr John WELLS, of Auckland.  [31 December 2008]

Mr Tennant Edward (Tay) WILSON, O.B.E., of Lower Hutt.  [30 December 2006]

The Honourable William Gillow Gibbes Austen YOUNG, Q.C., of Christchurch.  [4 June 2007]

Dated at Wellington this 1st day of August 2009.

REBECCA KITTERIDGE, Secretary and Registrar, The New Zealand Order of Merit.

The under mentioned spouses of Principal and Distinguished Companions of the Order to be granted the use of the courtesy title of �Lady�:

Mrs Olive Doreen HUTCHINS, of Queenstown [spouse of the late Leslie Hutchins D.C.N.Z.M., O.B.E., J.P.]

Mrs Elaine Ivy JAMES of Hamilton [spouse of the late Oswald George James, D.C.N.Z.M., OBE]

Mrs Doris Parekohe VERCOE, Q.S.M., of Rotorua [spouse of the late Right Reverend Te Whakahuihui Vercoe, P.C.N.Z.M., M.B.E.]

Dated at Wellington this 1st day of August 2009.

REBECCA KITTERIDGE, Secretary and Registrar, The New Zealand Order of Merit.

Note:  The date of original appointment to, and precedence within, the Order is shown in parentheses after each name.


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