May 17

Understand it before you try to change it

 " The present convention is that the Prime Minister consults informally with the UK government then writes to the Queen proposing a candidate and the Queen writes back appointing the person as GG,”  writes Dr Mike Pepperday, a retired political scientist, on the site owned and edited by the media director and deputy chair of the republican movement.

The first thing republicans should do is to try to understand what it is they demand be thrown out. 

Obviously neither the writer nor the editor and the ARM’s media director do. 

You see, no such convention exists or has ever existed.

Don’t these people read?  Don't prominent republicans bother to check the facts?

Not so long ago Professor Robert Manne, Professor of Politics at La Trobe University, relied on  another nonexistent constitutional rule.

They claimed the Governor-General must disappear when The Queen is in Australia.  Sir David Smith has well and truly demonstrated no such rule exists or indeed ever existed. This view has been confirmed by the Palace. 

This led him and Dr Mark Mckenna to make foolish accusations that constitutional monarchists were lying and being fraudulent in their arguments.  

Instead of being a serious political group, the republican movement is coming to resemble a mad hatters tea party.




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