June 3

“We are already a republic; a crowned republic,” say Michael Kirby…and John Howard


Despite the landslide vote against their preferred republic in 1999, the republican politicians insist the people must keep on voting – until they get it right.

Since 1994 there have been six major inquiries and votes on this. Millions and millions of dollars of taxpayers’ funds have been diverted from such important matters as schools, hospitals, water and transport into this folly. There is even one going on now, effectively subsidising the republican campaign.

Constitutional monarchists say we already have a republic. As Justice Michael Kirby and John Howard put it, and Paul Keating’s Republic Advisory Committee chaired by Malcolm Turnbull conceded, we already are a republic. – a crowned republic. 



So why won’t the republicans reveal what sort of politicians' republic and what new flag they are planning?

While republicans go on about the need for education, once again Australia’s constitutional monarchists are doing something about it.   

And we are not asking the taxpayer for one cent to do it. Not one cent.  

According to a recent government survey, only 1 in 3 of Year 10 students chose the correct answer out of four to that most elementary question "What is the Australian Constitution?"  

We Australians live under one of the world's most successful systems of government. To discuss any proposal to make substantial changes to this, and especially to vote on this they need to be properly informed.

Now a team of young Australians, Jai Martinkovits, Ed Copeman and others have been working with Professor David Flint on a project to answer this need. 

The first stages of this exciting project involve a comprehensive new website and an outreach programme into the schools. 

The new website will complement ACM's existing site, which is undoubtedly the world's most active constitutional monarchist site.

The noted broadcaster Alan Jones will launch The Crowned Republic on Wednesday, 3 June at Parliament House. The function is completely booked out. 

"Polls show the majority of Australians, and particularly the young, do not want a politicians' republic. If they did we would be having a referendum next weekend. Australians are entitled to information, not just tired republican propaganda, “said Professor David Flint, National Convenor of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.


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