January 10

Why we need a monarch, explains eminent lawyer.


Keeping it Royal.

That’s the headline which catches your eye as you glance at the cover of The Spectator Australia on 8 January, 2010.

This line follows across the foot of the cover :

The King’s Speech shows us why we need a monarch, says Neil Brown.

…how to win…

The eminent Queen’s Counsel ends his piece in this significant journal with a prediction about our campaign were there to be another referendum.

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In that event, he says we’ll have this great marketing tool:

All we need do, he says, is to send a DVD of The King’s Speech to every household. 

Then we can just sit back and wait until we romp home.

Australians for Constitutional Monarchy will need to make a crucial amendment to our strategic plan which has gradually evolved since 1999.

…Royal will be cool…


A campaign centred on The King's Speech  would, he says, be awesome.

And Mr. Brown’s prediction for 2011?

Royal will be cool.

…what is the point…

He asks this question. What is the significance of this drama, moving and emotional as it is, for the Australian Constitution and republican issue?

This is a king, he says, who wants to succeed. He wants this because he is so desperate. But this is not to be King; it’s to unite his people at a time of national crisis.

The King emerges not as an indifferent and uncaring ruler, but as the servant of the people.

This, Neil Brown says, is the true role of our constitutional monarchy.

…magic of monarchy….

He says we can see in this singular film that there is a magic in monarchy that serves a purpose. It is something the people want to preserve.

He recalls the terrible bushfires in Victoria and the predictable speeches of Rudd and Brumby.

“ But when the Process Royal, Princess Anne, attending as a representative of The Queen, rose to speak , the event was transformed.
We actually listened and weremoved by her speech as the feeling spread that our family of government was different, thta it was united and meant something."

Here, he says,is the constitutional monarchy at work.


…Spectator Australia..

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