October 1

With the markets in turmoil, the most read article is “A prince among men, but few really knew it.”

This report by Andrew West in The Sydney Morning Herald of the funeral of Prince Andreevich Romanoff was the most read article on The Herald’s much visited website on 1 October 2008.

"Within hours of being uploaded onto the SMH website, the article about His Highness' passing was ranked as "Today's top article" by popularity,” writes young lawyer Jonathon Stamboulis.

No stranger to the world of high finance Mr. Stamboulis adds “That is quite amazing considering the events on global financial markets in the last 24 hours.

"It would seem  that the magic of the monarchy is alive and well. Thank goodness for that."

“He may have been a prince – indeed, a direct link to the last Tsar of Russia and the current British monarch – but from the tributes delivered at Michael Andreevich Romanoff's funeral yesterday, you would not have known the extent of his regal heritage,” writes Andrew West.

 "’A great many people invent titles for themselves,’ the late Prince Michael's friend and Australian monarchist leader, Professor David Flint, said.

‘Michael had the highest of titles but he was always too humble to use it.’ 

“He was the grand-nephew of Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia who, with his immediate family was murdered in 1918, a year after the Bolshevik Revolution.” 


[The Herald report links to a wonderful audio slideshow and an interesting interview given by Prince Michael six years ago:




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