October 2

Why are crowned republics so much better?


Proportionately, there should only be four constitutional monarchies – crowned republics- among the top 20 least corrupt countries in the world.

Can anyone from the Australian republican movement, or any of our politicians who want to shred our constitutional system and our Flag, tell us why there are more than twice as many crowned republics there and not four?

It’s the same when it comes to measuring freedom, education, health, life expectancy, wealth and the distribution of wealth.

Why are crowned republics so well run?

During the referendum, I  argued in a  Liberal Party arranged debate in an inner city electorate that crowned republics have a far better record than politicians’  republics. This was greeted by loud guffaws.

I slowly listed them. Silence followed.

….corruption index…

 As ACM’s International Convener, George Bougias recently wrote, “We know that Constitutional Monarchies are amongst the most prosperous, stable and free societies in the world.”

(Incidentally, Mr. Bougias made a very well received presentation at the recent ACM National Confernce on its 2009-2010 campaign. )

 “Now we are reminded (again) by Transparency International that they are the least corrupt. 

“In its most recent report Transparency International notes: 

          Denmark, Sweden and New Zealand (all Constitutional Monarchies) are the least corrupt countries in the world

          11 of the world’s 20 least corrupt nations are Constitutional Monarchies and

          Republics are amongst the most corrupt nations. 

“The sceptics may scoff but “The Berlin-based Transparency International notes the report “highlights the fatal link between poverty, failed institutions and graft” , according to a report in  the Brisbane Times, 24 September, 2008.  

“Do republicans think Australians will throw out one of the world’s most successful Constitutions for a system much more open to corruption and other negative influences?”

Well come on, all you people who wish to remove the Australian Crown.


Why are crowned republics disproportionately represented when it comes to the freest, best educated, healthiest, wealthiest, fairest and least corrupt countries?

Don’t be backward.

We would really like to read your explanations.




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