November 11

You’ve heard the republicans on an Australian Head of State…now read the definitive book


In his book HEAD OF STATE Sir David Smith argues convincingly that our founding fathers made the Governor-General our constitutional Head of State. Sir David recounts his personal role, both in public and behind the scenes, in the events of 11 November, 1975.

He argues that the action of Sir John Kerr put an end to any claims that Australia’s sovereignty, independence and national identity were centred on London.

HEAD OF STATE is a dramatic scholarly, superbly researched intervention in the debate about whether Australia should keep the constitutional system it has known since self government and under which she federated, or become some vague, and as yet undefined, republic.

HEAD OF STATE prove to be essential reading for anyone interested in the way in which Australia is governed.

Those with plans for constitutional change would be well advised to read HEAD OF STATE before they go to the people.

HEAD OF STATE is published by Macleay Press, Sydney, and may be purchased from ACM at the special price of $47.50, including handling and postage.

To order a copy • phone the ACM office 02 -92512500 • fax your order to 02-925 9833, or • write to ACM Bookshop, Box 9841,GPO, Sydney, 2001


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