August 9

Constitutional issues of the federal election

Every election is important. The way in which the 2011 election was called was a reminder of the subtlety, the sophistication and the security of what is probably one of the world’s best constitutional systems.

No supporters of the politicians’ republic, whether they be politicians or media commentators, seem to be interested in the slightest in improving the way in which we are governed. All they want to do is to get rid of that paragon of constitutional and personal propriety, The Queen of Australia. Far too many are prepared to risk the security of the constitutional system to achieve this. Why do they loathe the Crown, the institution which has been with us at every stage since the settlement, and which has been a force for good and constitutional order?

The election on August 21 is between Mr. Abbott, a confirmed supporter of the existing constitutional monarchy or crowned republic, once the Executive Director of ACM, and Ms. Gillard, a proponent of some unknown politicians’ republic. But as the overthrow of Kevin Rudd demonstrated, the election is not presidential. It is between the political parties through their preselected candidates in the electorates.

ACM has never told supporters how to vote. Supporters come from across the political spectrum, as has our leadership. What we try to do is to inform Australians about the constitutional system and the attitudes to this of those who are seeking your vote.

Accordingly, we are holding a special briefing for supporters on the constitutional aspects of the election in Sydney at 11am on Wednesday 18 August 2011.

The National Office is now accepting bookings for the briefing, you may download a booking form by clicking the link below:


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