June 7

Double Dissolution

The current London Spectator (6/6) contains an opinion piece by me on a double dissolution.  The front page pointer reads: "The economy will decide an early election."  

The story is headed, “A double dissolution? Perhaps, but there’s only a six-month window. An early election would be fought over who will be best at running the economy, says David Flint — and a double dissolution must take place between February and August.” 

As to a double dissolution and action on  a republic, I would think there is a possibility Labor would move to a plebiscite in its next term providing its internal polling supported this.



I can’t see a Coalition government touching the issue with a bargepole.  Although both Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Costello supported the Yes case in 1999, each knows the issue would divide both the Coalition and the Liberal Party.  Each firmly say that this should not be touched during  this reign, a view shared by some ALP ministers.  


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