May 23

Doubting Thomases

The ARM has put their foot in it once again, questioning the integrity of ACM's recent statement that our primary website,, is receiving in excess of 10 million hits per year.

If they are going to use the Alexa website justify their case, they should first understand its purpose.

The following is an extract from their Facebook page. Note their final paragraph.



…doubting Thomas…


Like doubting Thomas, the ARM – a suspicious mob – will not take ACM's claim at face value, instead requiring the physical evidence. Come on ARM, have a little faith!

But as was the case then, we are able to provide irrefutable evidence.

The table below illustrates ACM's hits over the last 12 months.

For a larger version – click here.


…the cold hard facts…


Since the publication of our annual hits at 13 May 2011 of 10,061,101, they are now inaccurate. The correct figure is now 10,199,695.

Still with well over 3.25 million page views, ACM remains the leading and most visited Constitutional Monarchist site in the world.

We would like to remind our supporters that these statistics do not include readers of our daily email newsletter, relays to other social networking channels and visitors to our education site,


…but are they accurate…


Statistics are only as accurate as the service recording them.

To ensure accuracy, ACM uses Google's Urchin software, which is recognised by industry professionals as one of the leading – and most accurate – packages available to the market.

The ARM's observation that Alexa – a publicly available estimate of website traffic – does not match our statement highlights their lack of knowledge on how Alexa works.

Alexa data is based on a statistical sample consisting of website users who have downloaded the Alexa Toolbar. It does not purport to be, and certainly is not, an accurate reporting tool.


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