December 6

Long to reign over us

When The Queen visited Australia after the 1999 referendum, a lunch was held for her in Sydney. In a room consisting of many more republicans than monarchists, Her Majesty referred to a fact which few of those present had considered.( Never stand between Sydney republicans and visiting Royalty, even minor European Royalty – otherwise you’ll be knocked over in the rush.)


What Her Majesty drew attention to was the fact that she had reigned as Queen of Australia for more than half the life of our nation.


She did not say this, but most observers will agree, republican or monarchist, her service to the people of Australia and to the Commonwealth has been impeccable. 


An email is going around which demonstrates the longevity of her service. It does this simply; it merely shows her with ten of the eleven Presidents of the United States who have held office during her reign. 




In the meantime, it may be of interest to know that to date, Her Majesty has  been advised by eleven Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, 11 Prime Ministers of  Australia, 12 Prime Ministers of Canada and 13 of New Zealand.


She has also been advised by all of the Premiers of each Australian State since 1986, and the Prime Ministers of Antigua and Barbuda since 1981, The Bahamas since 1973, Barbados since 1966, Belize since 1981, Grenada since 1974, Jamaica since 1962, Papua New Guinea since 1975, St. Christopher and Nevis since 1983, St. Lucia since 1979, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.



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