December 7

Who says immigrants want to change the constitution…

There is no evidence that immigrants from countries other than Britain want to change the constitution. Many will tell you the reason they came to Australia was the way we run ourselves. (The following chart shows the relatively high proportion of Australians born overseas. It does not show their Australian born children.)

Mike Zarb of Waverton, NSW put in the opinion of many children of immigrants who did not come from Britain. Writing to the December 2009 issue of the Australian Literary Review about Nick Bryant’s piece “No vision in the ‘Failed Republic’ “reported here, he said :“Bryant is too uptight about this nation’s relationship with the mother country.  The majority of Australians are not as uncomfortable with our constitutional monarchy as he assumes."

"  To dismantle our foundations makes as much sense as ridding ourselves of cricket, or knocking down our heritage buildings, or knocking back a cup of tea, or replacing the national language with another, on the basis that these, too, are “uneasy reminders” of our British ties.” 

 “First-generation Aussies such as myself are forever grateful that this great country opened its doors and welcomed our immigrant parents, who sought a better life.  We are proud of our nation’s rich heritage and are indebted to those Anglo settlers, as well as other ethnicities, who tamed this wild and barren land, transforming it into the thriving, rich country of opportunity that it is today.”  


“Yesterday’s cultural cringe is a neurosis that we have steadily grown out of.  Let’s not decry our historical ties with the crown.  Let’s embrace our history and continue to advance Australia fair.”


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