May 4

Mothers – Constitutional Monarchies are best

{Mosimage}  ACM was the first in the world to spot a very persuasive statistic: that on any measure of the best places to live in, constitutional monarchies are always clustered towards the top.

The report below is just one more.

We used this in the referendum campaign. You can glance at the report in this new section on the ACM site.

Just click on this icon in the right hand column on our front page.

Mothers in Norway and Australia are living in the best places in the world, according to Save the Children's 11th annual "Mothers' Index", which ranks the best and worst places to be a mother. Only 15% of the world’s countries are constitutional monarchies.

The republican movement will try to explain away the following. They can't. 

Constitutional monarchies make up 50% of the top 20 best places to be a mother.
Constitutional monarchies  make up 70% of the top 10 best places to be a mother.

Constitutional monarchies  make up 80% of the top 5 best places to be a mother.

There is not one constitutional monarchy among the 20 worst  places to be a mother. They are all republics. 


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