July 13

Revolutionary scenes in Girl Guides Hall

The Daily Telegraph continues to publish comments registering the outrage of the public and no doubt parents concerning the abandonment by the Girls Guide's management of references to God, The Queen, and Obedience in the Girl Guides promise or pledge.

Note in this picture how obedient the Guides seem to the new order.

On 11 July, 2012 ‘Graham’ wrote:If the Queen of Australia is no longer heralded by the modern Girl Guides, then perhaps her representatives the Governor- General and state Governors should not honour them with their support or presence either.

Chris writes in the Daily Telegraph 13 July 2012: “Guides no longer swearing allegiance to the Queen – such a shame and pointless piece of PC social engineering.“The Queen is a pseudonym for ‘community’ or ’country’ and there can be nobody who has better demonstrated the Guides ideal of ‘duty’.”



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