July 17

Self-Funded Monarchy


“British taxpayers did not pay £2.4 million on renovations for Prince Harry and Meghan’s Frogmore Cottage (“A royal christening that wasn’t for everyone”, 8/7). The funds came from the Queen’s Crown Estate which is effectively taxed at 75 per cent. The monarchy is self-funded. 

David Flint, Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, Bondi, NSW

We have long been outraged by constant and totally incorrect references in the media that the Royal Family is funded by the UK taxpayer and with some in the Australia media ignoring our complaints that they were publishing ‘fake news’ from the British media.

In 2010 the ACM NoRepublic site  noted that:

“ As far as we know, this column was the first in the world to advance the argument publicly that the United Kingdom government was not fulfilling its side of the agreement with The Queen over her property, the Crown Estate.  We would be delighted to be corrected on that. We are even more delighted to learn that reform is in the air.”

( That reform did occur, but the British media continue to publish the untruth that the taxpayers are funding our monarchy.)


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